Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The reading this week was on chapter one in Understanding Youth: Adolescent Development for Educators. Chapter one was on The Construction of Adolescence by Nakkula and Toshalis. When I stared at the reading I was like "wow, this is going to be a long read, these words look so small!" I thought I was not going to understand a lot of words or concepts, but surprisingly I did. While reading the chapter there were only five words that I had to look up in the dictionary, which were cordial, impediment, integral, tangential, reticent.

Drawing from Nakkula and Toshalis chapter on the discussion on Authoring Life Stories, I believe the 10 people who have coauthored with me are; My mother, my father, my sister, my brother, Antoinette, Lue, Peter, Randolph, Jose, and Janet. There could be more names up here, but certain moments stood out to me when I thought about the word coauthored. The individual I decided to speak about is my father. I do not want to speak down on him, but some of the things he have done and not done had made me who I am today. He had step out on my mother when I was in the third grade. He financially try to help my mother take care of my sister, my brother and I, but he was not really there physically or emotionally. There were times he would help me, but most of the time he is no where to be found. When people ask me about my father, they think he is far away in another state, but little did they know he lives right in Providence. Once he told me he wanted to see me succeed, but I feel like I do not owe him anything because technically he did not raise me and was not there to help me when I am or was struggling. I feel like my father help me coauthored my story because he makes me want to be a better parent when I become one. I am not saying I will be there perfect one, but I am saying I would want to be there for my child. Also, it made me a very independent person. I can recall talking to my friends and saying "I do not depend on no man, if my own father was not there for me, I can not expect any other man to be there for me either."  I see how this is a good and bad thing, but I usually tell guys I dated do not take it offensively. It is nice to get help from a man, but I cannot fully rely on that help.

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